New SMP Chat Channels
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Hey folks,

SMP Chat has been getting a little spammy lately with everyone all being on,
For that reason we're providing the option to separate your chat into 4 chat channels.

Please be aware that all the standard chat rules apply and you will still see the main chat, just not talk in it.

Staff will still be moderating these channels.

Additionally we're working on the /ignore command issue, unfortunately it's a little more complicated than just providing permission for it. While we're working on this please be understanding with people joining and talking in the channel we're using.

Now, down to how it works.

There are 4 additional channels, they're on SMP only and do not pass between the servers.

The channels are Red, Green, Blue and Yellow.

To join a channel type use /<channelname>

So to join red type /red

You will still see the main chat but your chat messages will be within the channel you have joined.

If you need to talk back to the main channel (Say a new user joins and you'd like to welcome them) you can prefix your message with a ! this will talk back at the main channel.
for example: "! Welcome to wom" will say "Welcome to wom" into the main chat no matter what channel you're in.

To leave a channel and rejoin main chat type /link

And finally you will always default back to link when you join the server.

Update: The chat channels now have join and leave messages.
The only awkward thing since our chat plugin isn't designed to do it is that it's a little hacked in...
You will announce your own joins and leaves.
Link does not have a join message. This is intentional.

Do not spam chat channels as this will create chat spam which we are trying to avoid...

Staff do not announce their joins and leaves. Don't be suprised if we pop into a channel to say hi though.

Please provide feedback.

Please login to view downloads!

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Yay, Channels!

Yay, Channels!

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Splendid idea indeed!

This way we won't have to read more then we can see.

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Peach or magenta would be nice.

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:D this is gonna be nice. It's been rather hard to to talk to people lately cause all the people.


Oh yes. This post/comment is amazing!

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Remember guys, this is still a very new idea, so don't get upset if it doesn't have every feature you want.

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As always,

My computer breaks. JUST IN TIME </3


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I dont think it works how you

I dont think it works how you guys think.   You will see everyone that's in main chat.  All their annoying ranting.  If you're in /Red they wont see you.


Now if everyone split off into 4 channels and stopped spamming main chat, it might make a difference.  But everyone sees main chat.



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Is there any way to add an

Is there any way to add an option to leave/mute main chat? Also, maybe adding a trade/purchase chat so that people who constantly spam item sales/requests have somewhere specific to go and try to make their deals. It will also give serious sellers/buyers a channel to watch for their businesses. I get asking once in a while for something in main chat, but a lot of the spam is item begging and I think this would help filter that.

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It's possible to do but we're trying to avoid a situation where new players ask for help in main chat and everyone is off in their own channels not listening to main chat.


If it continues to be an issue then we'll discuss potential solutions with the staff team as there are a few options for us to consider. So far nothing has been ideal so each option has some pros and cons to weigh up...

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Join / Leave messages

Bump for join / leave update.