WoM Christmas Build Off 2012

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Now that the new map is finally here, it is time to announce the WoM Christmas build off 2012. (Which I think is the first staff run contest on SMP)

There is going to be a flat area with a series of plots made on it so that people do not need to level their own land, and so that the judges do not need to go hunting to find the entries. 

People will be given creative mode for this contest, just to make sure that it is all fair, otherwise people who had been here longer would have more of a chance. This means staff can enter.

New SMP Map!

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Christmas has come a little early here at WoM and we have been eager to get this new map ready for you guys and as of this post, it has been launched on our SMP server!

Here is the final SMP Change & Updates List

On this map you will see a beautiful new spawn made by MrSnowGlobe and wolftone1916 plus a path to the new places on the map. This includes the new market area where pre-made stalls have been setup which you can buy and we can launch our new economy system properly! Further on, around a massive lake are many plots that have been setup for people to build beautiful houses. We decided to set it this way so spawn is more organised than last time but if you don't want to pay for a plot, you can just build further out in the wild if you so wish. Please be generous though and only buy a plot that you will actually use! This goes for shops too.
Other interesting attractions include Pig Racing, Spleefing, deadlypixel69's Aerasume, The Farmlands and a lot more including arenas that are still being worked on.

More SMP Details & Changes

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More progress has been made on the SMP!

SMP Major Changes

SMP Details & Changes (^^^See Updated Post^^^)

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So after finaly getting all the issues resolved with the SMP, im here to deliver some news

SMP Change List

Updated to 1.4.5

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Both SMP and PvP servers are are now up to date with the latest minecraft client (1.4.5)

They are both running off a beta build of bukkit so there may be issues.

If you come accross any issues: Please PM me!

Have fun!


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