1.4.2 Update

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So with 1.4.2 just being launched I thought I should let you all know what's going to happen.

So, The SMP and PVP Servers WILL NOT update to 1.4.2 right away. Instead, I'm opting to wait for plugins to update. This way both servers wont be broken if I update right away.

Screenshot of the Day: MrSnowGlobe vs. The Tree

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About Ranks on WoM Servers

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If you are aiming to get a higher rank on SMP, PvP or Realms that relates to a staff rank, you are going to have a bad time.

On Realms we are currently not looking for anymore Staff members on it. There are just not enough people and we don't need more unneeded Staff for that.

On PvP it is basically rules free and most likely doesn't need to be moderated as much due to our plugins that block or warn the players. How about actually trying to have fun getting all those weird rank names next to your name?

PvP Server Update

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As you may or may not know from my previous post, we've been trialing new things for the PvP server.  And as for a quick update, we have decided to ditch AntiCheat as it hasn't been able to perform the way we would like.  So on a good notice, we have switched to NoCheat+ in hopes of solving issues related to users hacking and etc.  Like previously, we unbanned any affected users who were banned due to problems regarding AntiCheat.

SMP Update - Shiny New Maps!

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Just a quick update!

New Nether and End Map: I know people have been wanting this for a while but it has finally been done! The New nether and End await you guys right now! Have fun!

In the coming weeks more tweaks & upgrades will be coming to the SMP

Stay Tuned!

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