More SMP Details & Changes

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More progress has been made on the SMP!

SMP Major Changes

SMP Details & Changes (^^^See Updated Post^^^)

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So after finaly getting all the issues resolved with the SMP, im here to deliver some news

SMP Change List

Updated to 1.4.5

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Both SMP and PvP servers are are now up to date with the latest minecraft client (1.4.5)

They are both running off a beta build of bukkit so there may be issues.

If you come accross any issues: Please PM me!

Have fun!


SMP: Regarding Server Update to 1.4.4

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So, with Minecraft version 1.4.4 out, some of you have updated and are wondering when the servers will do the same.

WoM Client Update

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H4X has released an updated WoM Client for Windows and Linux users.

You can now grab version 2.0.8 in the Downloads section.

An updated MacOSX version will be available soon.

Happy Minecrafting!

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