Realms To Watch 3

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And again, it's been a month since I have done this so here are four more realms to entertain you.

/realm jak2131

/realm pokemeza

/realm spyguy228

/realm StopingPower23

/realm cartose777

/realm schacht22

Website Downtime Scheduled for Today

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Update: Upgrades are finished, we were down for about 1 minute :D

WorldOfMinecraft & WoM Realms websites will experiences a downtime of up to 30 minutes in the next hour or two for a scheduled switch upgrade in the data center.

SMP and PvP Servers will remain online, however, WoM Realms game server will be down.

We will be active in #wom irc channel during this upgrade.

Picture of the Day? - The Pumpkins That Look Back

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SMP & PvP Performance Upgrades

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Apologies for the disruptive game play on the game servers today as I performed performance upgrades on both of the servers.

Both servers are back up and running now - (with better performance I hope).


SMP Server Updated to 1.3.1

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WoM Public SMP has been updated to 1.3.1

Most of you heard through the grapevine that were working on a new map for this update, which is now live!

But what about my builds and stuff on the old map??!?D:? - We are running multiple maps off the same server now (kinda like WoM Realms) so we have both the old map and the new one!

Existing members will still go back to where they were last standing on the old map, new members will go straight to the new map. People on the old map can get to the new map by using the portal at spawn or typing /spawn. You can return to the old map using a portal.

The old map is still playable, however we encourage members to move to the new map, we may make the old map read-only after a certain time frame, plenty of warning will be given.

Build Moves will be organised shortly. Please note: Only good quality structures will be approved for moving.

Portals - We now have portals to help you get around the maps/worlds. These can be found in world spawns and will be slowly rolled out across various locations by our Portal Rollout Team (highly trained monkeys, you know the drill).

/sethome - If you /sethome on the new world it will replace your /home tp location on all worlds. If you have lost your old home due to this, don't fear we have your old /home locations saved.

There will no doubt still be quite a few small issues to iron out, please let us know below if you come across any issues.

Last but not least, Happy Birthday Lunick!

- WoM Team

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