Problems Connecting to SMP & PvP? (Or Any Server)

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Edit2: Mollstam has seen the issue and is probably fixed now. Tweet

Minecraft Session servers are experiencing trouble at the moment and this will cause you to not be able to join any SMP server.

Keep checking until everything is ok.

This post will be updated when servers become reachable!

PvP Update - Spawn Camping Issue

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We have had numerous complaints about spawn camping on the PvP Fight Club server.

Just to be clear: This is not against the rules.

However, in order to find the balance between having a no rules server and having upset new players getting nowhere, we have decided to add a little feature to give those just starting off a fair chance.

Random Spawns

When joining for the first time or respawning, you will still go to the spawn point as usual, but you will now see signs like the below picture which you can right click to be sent to a random location. The location won't be extremely far from spawn, so you don't lose your bearings.

RandomSpawn signs will send you to a location away from spawn.

Realms To Watch 3

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And again, it's been a month since I have done this so here are four more realms to entertain you.

/realm jak2131

/realm pokemeza

/realm spyguy228

/realm StopingPower23

/realm cartose777

/realm schacht22

Website Downtime Scheduled for Today

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Update: Upgrades are finished, we were down for about 1 minute :D

WorldOfMinecraft & WoM Realms websites will experiences a downtime of up to 30 minutes in the next hour or two for a scheduled switch upgrade in the data center.

SMP and PvP Servers will remain online, however, WoM Realms game server will be down.

We will be active in #wom irc channel during this upgrade.

Picture of the Day? - The Pumpkins That Look Back

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