Official contest 2

WoM Realms contest 2.


We're proud to announce the second official WoM Realms contest. This month's contest is all about WoM Landmarks and Natural Wonders. To start building in the contest type /contest while in WoM:Realms.

You must design and make your own special Landmark or Natural Wonder. You cannot replicate an already existing Landmark or Natural Wonder in WoM, from another server or the real world. It must be completely original. As this may be a little harder then the previous contest we have added an extra week to the contest.

Contest is limited to your own work, you may not use any special functions or anyone else's works in your entry.

To see additional information, please click the More link for rules and entry details.

Take the wheel, culturally appropriate figure of authority (Or "WoM Newsletter! Issue #9")

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WoM Newsletter! Issue #9

Hey everyone!

It’s February already, and I’m sure you’re all anxious for an update on things. It’s been great seeing more activity this past month and we welcome all the newcomers who have joined too. Many thanks for the feedback on the last newsletter.

Also, you may have noticed the last post didn’t have a lot of color formatting or pictures included...unfortunately the editor is pretty much broken… please blame Jupiter.

WoM Newsletter! Issue #8

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WoM Newsletter! Issue #8: WoM Awakens


Happy Holidays from WoM!

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On behalf of everyone here at WoM, I'd like to extend our best wishes to everyone over this Holiday Season!

Eat Well, Stay safe and have Fun!


WoM is not Dead... We are just sleeping

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Things have been quite quiet these past few months but WoM is most certainly not dead. The full reason is that bukkit/spigot were DCMA'd and were not allowed to distribute a 1.8 version. New server software: Sponge, has been in development the past month and a half and is making nice progress but still has a little way to go. Meanwhile, we have been working on improvements and experimenting with new ideas So while we cannot provide an ETA to when things will be live, we can assure you that WoM is not going anywhere. Cheers, Snow

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