Official contest 2

WoM Realms contest 2.


We're proud to announce the second official WoM Realms contest. This month's contest is all about WoM Landmarks and Natural Wonders. To start building in the contest type /contest while in WoM:Realms.

You must design and make your own special Landmark or Natural Wonder. You cannot replicate an already existing Landmark or Natural Wonder in WoM, from another server or the real world. It must be completely original. As this may be a little harder then the previous contest we have added an extra week to the contest.

Contest is limited to your own work, you may not use any special functions or anyone else's works in your entry.

To see additional information, please click the More link for rules and entry details.

NEXUS Development Update

15 votes

Howdy Community!

It's been a while, how have you been?

Just a quick update for you all on NEXUS

As most of you know, we announced NEXUS a little while ago and were gearing up to launch it... and then Mojang announced name changes and UUID's to come into effect.

These changes would've made NEXUS quite flawed. Spud and myself made the choice to port it to the new UUID system rather then release it and have to make the port later on. This also has given us a lot more time to flush it clean of all the bugs we can find.

WoM SMP Issues (updated)

5 votes

Updated - SMP is now back online!

Thanks for your understanding!

We regret to inform you guys that during the scheduled downtime, we discovered a big error in our block logging database. A lot of time was spent trying to resolve the issue but with little luck.

We will continue to work on it but at this time we can give no ETA on when SMP will be online.

We are choosing to leave SMP offline to ensure no data loss and/or corruption occurs.

Hub server re-released!

17 votes

Hey guys,

Today, we unveiled the brand-new WoM Hub server! The WoM staff have put in a fair bit of effort for this, so we hope you enjoy it! There are a few things on the server at the moment, including:

  • Spleef
  • CTF (Capture the flag)
  • Mob arena
  • PvP duel arena
  • Connect 4
  • And more to come!

These arenas are not all that will be released, but they're what we have working at the moment. Let's have a brief look at them in a bit more detail...


Happy New Year!

20 votes

Wishing all minecraters a happy new year for 2014!

2013 was a pretty awesome year and it can only get better. Cheers to all our fantasic staff for doing a great job keeping the community running and always looking for the next fun and exciting things to add for our members.

Thanks also to helpers, contributors and players for continuing to enjoy World of Minecraft since 2009!


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