Official contest 2

WoM Realms contest 2.


We're proud to announce the second official WoM Realms contest. This month's contest is all about WoM Landmarks and Natural Wonders. To start building in the contest type /contest while in WoM:Realms.

You must design and make your own special Landmark or Natural Wonder. You cannot replicate an already existing Landmark or Natural Wonder in WoM, from another server or the real world. It must be completely original. As this may be a little harder then the previous contest we have added an extra week to the contest.

Contest is limited to your own work, you may not use any special functions or anyone else's works in your entry.

To see additional information, please click the More link for rules and entry details.

NEXUS Open Beta

15 votes

(The following is going to be all about NEXUS… we still love you SMP <3)

Well guys, after almost a year in development, NEXUS is finally ready for all to see!

For those of you who don’t know what NEXUS is… stop living under that rock of yours.

But seriously! NEXUS is a one-of-a-kind minecraft creative experience which borrows some attributes from a classic server we hosted a few years ago; WoM Realms.

So, Open Beta! Here’s what you can expect:

WoM Newsletter! Issue #10!

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WoM Newsletter! Issue #10

Hello Everyone!

It has been a while, how have you been? Apologies for the gap in the newsletter timeline - last issue had us barely moving to spigot in February and now it’s suddenly June! Things have been a bit quiet but that is about to change!

First of all, we’d like to give a big welcome to our new Trusted users: Lockpick, Jenagade and RileyLewis!


The Hunt for Feedback.

5 votes

SMP Feedback!

Hey there!

So, the current SMP map has been open for about 3 months now (has it really been that long?). Now we want your opinion on it! Whether it be through new plugins, access to commands or other things, we'd like to hear your opinion on how to make the SMP server more fun!

WoM Network Down (Technical Issue) [Servers Back]

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After restoring from a backup, the server is back to 100%! The only catch is the backup is 3 days old. Thankfully, this means only a handful a claims will not be set down. I cannot stress that claims do not effect builds in anyway, shape or form, they only protect them so your builds will be intact just the way you left them before downtime

See you on there!

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