WoM Servers - In Progress

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That's right folks we can now Officially announce that our brand spanking new servers are now open for public use but we need your help!

Everything is still in progress so instead of us holding back everything for us to test internally, we thought it would be a great idea to let you guys help us out!

So, how do you help us out you ask? Well, its simple! Just post in this thread any issues you encounter. Be sure to explain briefly what the issue is and what server it is on.

At this point in time, PvP Is available. CMP is just around the corner, we promise!

That's all for now folks! Great things to come just around the corner, thanks for sticking with us! 

Now Playing: The SMP Chest Hunt

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EDIT: Chest's will now have actual Item's and coupon books will be for Animal spawns and other creative items such as repairs. if you come across a chest, feel free to leave something behind. Also, chest will be labeled so you know it is a prize chest and not someones that you are griefing.

Basically, on the SMP map there will be random chests placed by me and Yenwood, and any other staffer that thinks a reward needs to be added.

When at spawn, in the Northeast corner you will see this board.

A Brave New World.... Take 2

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Well guys, I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that we are back in business. We have started a fresh with all servers! SMP is back right now with PvP and CMP to follow in the next day or so! (Server is also 1.5.1)

The bad news we will not be restoring userdata and maps, we are starting fresh (see post below this on front page for more details). Time to look forward to a fresh and faster WoM! -H4X

In light of recent events, we are pushing to bring a lot of awesome new features online as quick as possible!

If you have any feedback or complaints please feel free to comment in this thread or message me.

Lunick Edit: This is also a chance for (almost) everyone who has been banned to be able to join SMP again and try and redeem themselves.


The Server Situation

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As most of you know by now, the monkeys who hosted our beefy minecraft server have done something to it, and they don't really know what yet (seriously), it's been 1week ~4 days of scratching heads and eating bananana's. You can read our converstations with them here.

The good news is, we have setup a new rig elsewhere (tired of waiting on these monkeys) which is 2-3 times more powerful! Along with this decision to get a more beefier minecraft server, we have decided to make a complete fresh start on the servers by clearing out all the dead weight, silly plugins, leaderboards and bringing a new fresh experience to the users.

MrSnowGlobe has been hard at work rebuilding the minecraft servers and implementing new and exciting features that our WoM SMP team are putting forward. We are also listening to the community feedback in the below post on the front page.

We do have backups, which has aided us in reviewing configs on the server at a fast pace. The primary backups were taken out with the above service disruption however our secondary backup server is online  but is not as recent and reliable as we would like.

We have been looking for an excuse to clear everything and rebuild for performance and this is the perfect time.

We apologize for the inconvenience and understand that some people will leave and some will join to enjoy a fresh new World of Minecraft!

- WoM Team

Playing Minecraft since 2009!

Server is Down! D:

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As of 6+ hours ago: The machine hosting our minecraft servers died and the cause is unknown at this time. 

Sadly, we can't offer you an ETA on when it will be back so all we can do is just sit tight.

This post will be updated with more infomation as it comes!

H4X: Sorry guys, it seems the hosting company are stupid monkeys and don't know how to plug in a monitor and see what the hell is going on. I'll see if they can perhaps manage to install an IPKVM so I can do their job for them. Thanks for your patience.

H4X: Well guys, after 5 days they finally managed to install the IPKVM, only problem is that its someone else's windows server, not our WoM linux server... /epicfacepalm. So looks like they have been rebooting some other server this whole time. I don't know whether to laugh or cry but hopefully we can get this sorted soon for you guys!

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