Server is Down! D:

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As of 6+ hours ago: The machine hosting our minecraft servers died and the cause is unknown at this time. 

Sadly, we can't offer you an ETA on when it will be back so all we can do is just sit tight.

This post will be updated with more infomation as it comes!

H4X: Sorry guys, it seems the hosting company are stupid monkeys and don't know how to plug in a monitor and see what the hell is going on. I'll see if they can perhaps manage to install an IPKVM so I can do their job for them. Thanks for your patience.

H4X: Well guys, after 5 days they finally managed to install the IPKVM, only problem is that its someone else's windows server, not our WoM linux server... /epicfacepalm. So looks like they have been rebooting some other server this whole time. I don't know whether to laugh or cry but hopefully we can get this sorted soon for you guys!

WoM SMP and WoM PvP are in final testing mode!

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We'd like to thank everyone for being patient whilst we split the servers and broke them and repaired them and added magic.

If you check the Todo list you can see that that PvP is basically done and SMP has one or two issues persisting. They also both share that science needs to be added!

Once these two are fully functional, work on CMP (creative) can begin which should hopefully not take as long. In the mean time, we appreciate all your comments and reports about things on the server. Anymore reports or suggestions/questions can be posted below :)

Also MrSnowGlobe is awesome.

WoM PvP, dun dun dun

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                                         OPEN TO ALL


If you have been keeping up with the server via MrSnowGlobe's Google Document you would have noticed all the changes we have been going through with the server.

Now if you look at the PvP section, you can see we have hit a pretty bad problem. Inventories have disappeared. MrSnowGlobe spent several hours trying to figure out what went wrong but it's just broken. The only solution to this is to reset the PvP map.

Yes we said we were going to keep the map but simply resetting the map will give everything a fresh start to PvP. And hey, you have clans this time around from the start so you guys will be able to organise more things together!

I'm going to guess this is a bit of a disappointment to a lot of people but we tried our best at keeping the servers fully functional!


SMP Updates & Changes Part 2 ft. The Server Split!

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Hello All!

The Server will be coming down in roughly 30 minutes from when this post is on the front page. These changes will take time so the server could be up and down a lot during this time. 

Some planned Changes & Additions to the SMP Server:

  • PvP Map moved to another server (Same Map)
  • Updated and Improved Creative to its Live State
  • Reset Creative Servers Map
  • Lowered Teleport delay
  • Updated Plugins
  • All Servers running on updated Software
  • Changed IRC Plugin.
  • Added Science (Interserver portals)
  • Moved player PvP Inventories to the PvP Server.
  • Simple Clans is back!

This update is aimed to help fix a lot of issues and increase server performance by splitting up the maps and the back end files.

More informing as this proccess unfolds

Any questions, just post in the thread and either me or a staff member will answer .

#Update: Backups were made, data was moved around. Servers Should be operational before the weekend is over. Its a matter of sorting through the plugins and putting data in the right place. 

#Update2: Due to extra issues, PvP has not been brought online yet but SMP is still going strong!

Realtime to-do list -->




Creative Server Stress Test!

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WoM Needs You!... to help us break a server

With the creative server and the Part 2 Server/s Update around the corner, I need to make sure our hardware is able to handle the server loads.

So, as the title suggests, WoM Is having a server stress test.

All we ask of you guys is to try and break the server. It is set to the creative world mode. Feel free to do what ever you want.


  • No Builds will be saved
  • The Server will have a lot of issues
  • No major rules apply (this does not mean you can harass people, swear or advertise)
  • WoM reserves the right to reload the map anytime
  • The Server will be shutdown without warning at anytime

By Joining the server you acknowledge you have read the above disclaimer.

To access this server all you have to do is add the following ath the end of the SMP ip address: :25569

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