Two new contests!

Mhm. 2 more contests for all of you.

First: A town-build contest!

This competition is for people with the ranks of member, veteran, builder, designer, moderator, and operator.

* The theme of the contest is Town-Build! This means only city-themed things are allowed.
* You will get A SINGLE FILL(includes pyramid and esolid/sphere) from an architect or higher.
* Hacks are allowed.

Building in the Guest Area

It seems that lately, a lot of our non-guests have been building in the guest area. From what I can see, our admins have not been clear on this. Non guests are NOT allowed to build in the guest area. I've heard some players tell me an admin told them something different. Well they were wrong.

I have also received some complaints from the admins. I keep hearing that some of our regular players have been directing the staff how to do their job or what to do. Please, if you want to help out, just be helpful to new players and do not do the staff's job for them.


Out with the old, in with the new!

2 servers got swapped today! We switched WoM Huge for WoM Tall. And we traded out Cal's Realm for Daedal's Haven! So go check 'em out! (especially Daedal's Haven!)

WoM imposters?

It has been brought to our attention that there are possible WoM imposters out there. So please, before joining a WoM server, make sure it is legit. You can check the server name with our servers list here to see if it is real.

- WoM Team.

Fog Reduction Hack - Updated

I know many of you use this hack to view minecraft with crystal clear vision and have been disappointed since Notch's latest update broke that.

Well I have found a way to fix it once again and I have updated the NoFog page with the new details.


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