The Server and Forum Rules.

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The WoM rules

Herein are the WoM forum and server network rules, as set (and revised when needed) by the WoM staff. These rules are subject to change without warning, and it is up to the discretion of the user to make sure they are fully aware of all rules at all times.

WoM Network Down (Technical Issue) [Servers Back]

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After restoring from a backup, the server is back to 100%! The only catch is the backup is 3 days old. Thankfully, this means only a handful a claims will not be set down. I cannot stress that claims do not effect builds in anyway, shape or form, they only protect them so your builds will be intact just the way you left them before downtime

See you on there!

Below is original post

Hi there

SMP 1.8 is open! For real this time!

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If you want your build move, do not log into 1.8! You can find old SMP at the following address:
If you want your build move, you'll have to wait a week.

If you don't want a build move, you can log in now! Please remember, this is EARLY ACCESS and you might find a few problems. If you do, please tell a staff member about it!

Lobby will go back up when NEXUS is released.

See you on the servers!

Quick note on the build moves.
We're going to process them over the next few days, we have a lot to work through.

Take the wheel, culturally appropriate figure of authority (Or "WoM Newsletter! Issue #9")

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WoM Newsletter! Issue #9

Hey everyone!

It’s February already, and I’m sure you’re all anxious for an update on things. It’s been great seeing more activity this past month and we welcome all the newcomers who have joined too. Many thanks for the feedback on the last newsletter.

Also, you may have noticed the last post didn’t have a lot of color formatting or pictures included...unfortunately the editor is pretty much broken… please blame Jupiter.

PSA: Name changing and SMP (TRANSFER VAULTS)

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Do not change your user name until SMP updates to 1.8. If you change it, the server will not recognize you and you will loose access to your inventory, claims, TRANSFER VAULT. Staff will notify you when it is safe to change your name.

Currently there's a glitch with all player vaults, showing them as empty. Any items placed in the vaults right now will disappear. We are working on getting fixing it, but I recommend not touching your vault for the time being. This applies to everyone, not just people who changed their name. - Jupiter

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