Play Minecraft!

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a block building game where you can place and remove all kinds of blocks in order to create a house, a hide out from enemies, a town with friends, anything you can imagine!

WoM has been involved in Minecraft since mid 2009 and continue to bring you an enjoyable Minecraft experience providing 100% free game servers and friendly community.

Game Modes

We are currently running the following server types:

Survival Multiplayer (SMP) - Build in the wild or in a local township, just be sure to stay away from those creepers, zombies and other wild animals. Other players can not hurt you in this server.

Player Vs Player (PvP) - Run and find a safe place to hunt for materials to create mastery weapons, then go hunting for other players to show them who's boss!

Creative Multiplayer (CMP) - Play exactly the same way as the Survival Multiplayer server with 1 twist, you have unlimited everything! No digging for materials.

Classic Creative - The free way to play Minecraft. Use a non-premium account.
Grab the Game Client to use hacks to fly and speed around!

Ok, How do I play?

Thats easy, put your Minecraft username below (NOT your WoM username) then join any of the game servers!

Game Servers

WoM SMP Server


WoM PvP Server


WoM CMP Server


WoM Main (Classic)

The old school WoM from 2009 is back. Flatgrass mayhem. Be sure to add yourself to the whitelist above to gain build rights otherwise you are confined to the guest world.
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