Christmas build off RESULTS!

53 votes

Firstly, thank you to everyone who entered the contest, there were so many more people than I expected, or even knew that we had on the server :)

There was a wide range of different build ideas, I had great fun riding the minecarts in half of them and finding all the hidden areas people seemed to like building :P

So here are the top 5 entries (With points out of 50):

1) niels - 42.5

2) Hallyn - 41

3) ranger10700 - 40

4+5) Lautlos76 + Xenuz - 38.5

Server Updated to 1.4.6!

87 votes

Yes, you can go enjoy your stupid fireworks now and other bug fixes. And also, don't worry when Minecraft updates to 1.4.7 because it will still be compatible with the server!

Credits to niels for the Fireworks machine!

Seasons greeting

46 votes

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and safe holidays from all of us here at WoM.

Special thanks to all of WoM staff for making 2012 another fun year for the community!
Cheers to all the old and new members for your support and idea's. We hope you enjoy what we bring you in 2013. 
-WoM Team. 

1.4.6 Warning + SMP Updates

39 votes

So with 1.4.6 just launching I can not stress enough that the WoM Public SMP WILL NOT update until there is a stable Bukkit build available. I will update this thread when there is progress.


In other news:

We say goodbye to the Clans plugin as it caused a massive server crash today. I had to remove it to get rid of the issues, however: I will keep a close eye on the plugin's development if there is an update out. 

Clans will only return if it stops effecting the server's performance. I am actively looking for a suitable replacement for it but for the time being the server will be 'clanless'. 

If you guys have plugin suggestions: PM me

That's all for now


Christmas Build Info!

40 votes

The contest has now ended, thank you to all who took part, results expected 9th/10th January.

Every person in the contest gets one 39x39 plot. These will work like the shops in the new world, just right click the sign and the plot will be claimed for you. You can build as high as you want in your plot, but remember that it isn't just a competition of who can build the highest, if something is too repetative, the judges will get bored of it.

Almost anything is allowed in the contest (redstone and pixelart included), but it has to follow a christmas theme (Kinda in the name of the competition :P)

A few items like eggs and potions have been disabled as we decided that they did not add that much to any building, but could cause serious server lag if everyone decides to go crazy with them.

Beacons have also been disabled as we do not want skylights everywhere and random beacon effects as we move around.

There are no teams, everyone does their own build.


  • Normal server rules apply, and normal server punishments will be given out.
  • No trying to change any blocks outside of your area, If you do, you will be removed from the contest.
  • Please no trying to shoot/throw things out of your area, that is just annoying to other people who are trying to build.

To get to the Contest world, just type: /comp.

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