Play Minecraft!

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is a block building game where you can place and remove all kinds of blocks in order to create a house, a hide out from enemies, a town with friends, anything you can imagine!

WoM has been involved in Minecraft since mid 2009 and continue to bring you an enjoyable Minecraft experience providing 100% free game servers and friendly community.

Game Modes

We are currently running the following server types:

Survival Multiplayer (SMP) - Build in the wild or in a local township, just be sure to stay away from those creepers, zombies and other wild animals. Other players can not hurt you in this server.

Ok, How do I play?

Thats easy, put your Minecraft username below (NOT your WoM username) then join any of the game servers!

If you do not have a Minecraft account already, head over to Minecraft website to get started.
Game Servers

WoM SMP Server

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