[How To] Installing player skins - The complete guide (LOCKED)
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Welcome, to the complete guide to installing player skins, for Minecraft

Have you ever seen a person with a custom skin, and wondered how to get yourself such skins? Well, look no more! This tutorial will guide you through all the steps, from downloading to installing! Just keep reading!
What is a player skin after all? Well, a player skin is a custom type of look, any player that bought the game can install. It can be used both in Creative (The free version of Minecraft) and Alpha (The paid version of the game). It works in multiplayer as well as singleplayer. Notice that you can't install player skins, if you haven't bought the game. This can be done through PayPal.
Finding a skin
Did you decide you wanted a skin? Well, the next step is to find a good one. You can find hundreds of Minecraft skins, spread all over the web. Here's a few websites that's popular:
Downloading the skin
You've found yourself a skin you really want to have, and now you'll have to download it. This differs a bit from post to post, website to website, but usually you'll find a download link somewhere. Once you've located it, click it to either be taken to a download host (A website from which you can download the skin) or start the download. Save the .png file you'll receive somewhere you can easily find it. Once you've downloaded the file, and saved it somewhere on your computer you're done with this step.
Installing the skin
The last step! You've followed the previous steps, and right now you have a .png image that you have no idea what to do with. To install the skin (Apply it to your in-game character) go to minecraft.net (The official minecraft website) and login with your account informations. Once you've done this, you'll have to locate the link "Preferences" in the upper-left corner. Click this, and you'll be taken to a site, with the default character running on the spot. In the right side of the screen, you'll find some instructions, but as we already have our skin, you can skip those. Below the instructions there should be a button with the text "Choose file" on it. Click this button, and browse to the place you saved your skin (The .png file). Once you've found it, click it, and press "Ok". The pop-up will close, and at the right of the "Choose file" button, you'll find the name of your skin (SkinNameHere.png). At the right of this text, you'll find another button with the text "Upload". Click this, and the website should refresh. Instead of the default character you should have your character, with the skin applied running on the spot. Congratulations! You successfully downloaded, installed, and uploaded a skin!

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And if you got minecraft for

And if you got minecraft for free(torrent)?

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World of Minecraft Client?

So, can it be done any way trough the World of Minecract custom client, you know, the one with all the cheats etc.

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not really, that "skins" folder is only for texture packs.

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You go to jail forever, you

You go to jail forever, you dumb pirate.

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i downloaded the skin and cant find the prefrences. but i went to profile and they have something like that. there is an area for skins to choose the file, which i do, but when i click upload image, it doesnt work. wuts wrong?

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it doesnt work i cant find

it doesnt work i cant find preferences

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@aidan0410 go to your

@aidan0410 go to your minecraft.jar folder and go to bin<mob and after youve downloaded the skin you want delete char.png and paste the skin in and change the skins name to char.png. there ya go! but some skins might not work for some reason. just so ya know. 

and @vocalon151 i prefer the term "rugged sea warrior"(;

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World of Minecraft skins

just go in download and click on sknis :) like plz lol