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We here at WoM have been pretty relaxed when it comes to 'forum rules' as we like to keep it fun and don't mind helping other people with their posts.

However due to the constant increase in silly/badly presented/scam threads we will be enforcing a few rules, if these rules solve our issues we wont have to crack down any harder.


We don't mind you advertising your server or community on our forums as long as you keep it in the Non WoM Servers subforum.
Any advertisements found elsewhere on the site will be removed without notice with possible account suspensions.

Scams/cash links/survey links/free minecraft accounts

Posts containing these links are strictly prohibited.
All posts will be removed with account bans without notice.
This includes asking for free minecraft beta accounts.

Messy posts

This is mainly only for people who just dump HTML code from other sites straight into our forums without taking the time to make sure everything fits within our CSS style.
This also includes posts and titles containing excessive CAPITAL LETTERS and special characters.
We sometimes try to assist with these posts but some posts may be removed without notice.

Multiple posts

Posting the exact same post multiple times through the forums even if it is in different subforums will result in all posts being removed.

Profile signatures

Your profile signature is bound to all the above rules and will be dealt with the same way as a forum post.

Post bumping

Don't bump your post, users will find it. Not only is it annoying, it removes more important topics.

How can you help?

Every post on this site has a Report button underneath it, if you find a post violating these rules or think it should be reported for other reasons, report it and we will look into it.

As with all rules pages, this page will be constantly updated. Be sure to keep an eye on it.