World of Minecraft Moderator Guidelines
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The following guidelines dictate how a World of Minecraft moderator should conduct themselves in their official capacity. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may necessitate removal of your moderator status. Please read the guidelines carefully to avoid making mistakes that could jeopardize your moderator status.

Moderator Duties
As a World of Minecraft moderator, your duties involve managing the guests as they appear on the server. And monitoring for any rogue members before they do too much damage to the map.

If you notice any member or guest that is griefing or otherwise breaking server rules, you should (after verifying with the /whodid command):

  • If the damage is minor
    • Ask them why they are griefing.
    • If they have a reasonable reason, or at least admit that they did it:
      • Allow them the opportunity to clean up their mess first: "You have 2 choices, if you clean it up, I will let it slide this once. If not I will undo it and spectate you. What do you want to do?"
      • If they clean it up then let them go on the first warning
      • If they do not, continue on with the spectate below
    • If they deny doing it, get violent or otherwise try to evade you, continue with the spectate below
  • If the damage is major, or they failed to be repentant, then it's time to spectate them.
    • Type /spectate name reason
    • Inspect the level of damage, most likely an undo will be warranted, talk to an admin to get them to do an undo or make a request in IRC for an admin to come online and perform an undo
    • Once spectated, you may only undo the spectate command if you were mistaken in the first place. All other decisions are final and must be officially appealed on the website via the spectator appeals process

When you are online and in red, you should keep an eye on chat, and respond to any new guests questions about the server, obtaining guest membership or flight hacks. (for questions about membership , you should direct them to type in the /upgrade command, for questions about the hacks you may direct them to the website)

If a guest signs up to the site, you may then (after verifying that they are a member using the /search command in-game AND verifying they have no prior offenses using /status) grant them membership using the /member command. If they have prior offenses, wait for the person who made them guest to arrive.

Behavioural guidelines
World of Minecraft moderators should make the effort to appear as professionals. World of Minecraft expects that moderators always remember that they are representatives of the World of Minecraft community and as such your conduct, good or bad, reflects on that community and either adds to or detracts from our credibility.

Your attitude and conduct sets the stage for how a player will perceive their experience.

Following are a few very basic guidelines to follow:

  • Try not to show favoritism toward any particular player, for when it appears that you are favoring one party over another players can get upset and it may affect their conduct on our server.
  • Don’t interfere with a rivalry between players unless it gets out of hand. There will be times when individuals will attack each other. As long as they are not harassing other players relentlessly, you should not interfere. If it does get out of hand, just politely ask them to take some time off and relax and if this doesn't work, you may escalate to muting, kicking and then silencing. Experience will help you here; the longer you do this, the better you get.
  • Try to use the World of Minecraft client. It allows you to properly do your job for assigning, undoing, filling, etc.
  • Report troublemakers to the higher level admins. It can be difficult not to respond to personal attacks, but it is important to remember that you must remain professional and polite and remember that your primary mission is to keep the playing environment safe and clean for the guests and members and keep griefers out, not act as a police officer.
  • Once another moderator becomes involved in a situation, it is their responsibility, and unless he/she asks for assistance, don’t assume he/she needs it. You should answer questions directed toward you, but if you see something that requires intervention, refer the situation to one of the admins on duty and let him/her make the decision on how to best handle it, even if you might disagree with that decision.
  • For situations that you feel require intervention when no admins are online, you should post your concern on the IRC channel where the admins hang out, even when idle.
  • When in doubt, ask an admin for advice on how to handle a situation that could lead to problems.

And finally, thank you for deciding to be a World of Minecraft moderator. We hope you enjoy your game experience as a moderator for World of Minecraft.