1.4.6 Ghost Regiment
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Ghost Regiment Server/Clan as well!

This Server is Updated to 1.4.6 with a new IP address ! www.ghostregiment.com

GR Minecraft Mayhem (Survival):

Teamspeak: ts41.gameservers.com9225




Ghost Regiment is a 18+ gaming organization dedicated to sharpening the skills of gamers, as well as providing an active gaming community for any type of gamer - competitive and non-competitive. We currently play games like Battlefield 3, Arma 2, Minecraft, and Call of Duty. Our goal is to truly be the best, while having fun. We don't just say that - we take pride in being dedicated to the success and expansion of our group. We have experienced leadership, a very active community and website, multiple servers for each game we play, and a very solid member base. Our group is different from other clans/communities - this is a long term gig, we are not like the average groups that last a year, maybe two. Much thought, time, and effort has been made to make this group successful, and what it is now.



GR (Ghost Regiment) is a very chill group, as such we don't have many rules. Even though we have a ranking structure that resembles the military, we recognize that we are not the military. We are NOT a dictatorship, but rather a group of friends, playing games together competitively. Most importantly, our main goal is to have fun and keep things fair among the group. With that said, we do have a few rules for our members.

1.) Respect

Ghost Regiment is a "drama" free environment. Respect will be shown by all members and admins. Immature behavior will result in a ban.

2.) Teamspeak/Mic
Ghost Regiment uses Teamspeak 3 as voice communication. Being active on here is vital to our success. We encourage our members to be on our TS3 server when gaming, however many members hang out on TS3 even when they're not gaming.

3.) Donations
Members are not required to donate in order to be in Ghost Regiment. However, donations help keep the servers up, and activity up. The success of this group is directly affected by the input of it's members.

4.) Tags
Members are required to wear the "GR | Name" tags In Game, Teamspeak, and Steam. Please don't request to join the group unless you are okay with wearing our tags.

5.) Multi Clanning
Dedication to one clan is important to the success of our gaming community. For this reason, multiclanning is not allowed, with the exception of games we do not play. If you would like to be in another group, please feel free to, but you cannot be in this group as well for the games we play. We ONLY want dedicated members.

6.) Matches/Leagues
If you are in a match with another clan, remember you are representing our group. Any kind of immaturity or disrespect during a match is unacceptable.

7.) Age Requirement
Ghost Regiment has an age requirement. We require that all members be 18 years or older at the time of registration. This ensures a mature, stable, and fun environment. (When it comes to the age limit, some exceptions are made - depending on you maturity.)

8.) Chain of Command
Ghost Regiment has a Chain of Command that all members must follow. Click on the "About Us" page to see the Rank Structure. If you have an issue, please contact the appropriate person in charge (based on your rank). The Chain of Command ensures that everyone brings any issues to the proper admin to keep the clan running smoothly.
Mob Arena

If you enjoy fighting monsters for glorious prizes or just the sheer thrill of battle, you and your friends can now join forces against hordes of Minecraft evils in the exciting gladiator-style survival mini-game MobArena!

We have many Different MobArenas for each biome: Tundra, Desert , and soon Swamp and Jungle!


Towny Server!

1) Griefing is allowed!

2) Raiding is allowed!

3)Hacking is not allowed!

If your area is not protected then it is your loss , if it gets raiding or griefed!

Soon our Spawn will be holding of how to use Towny and to protect your area.


Remember this a Multi-gaming Clan , meaning we are playing many other games then just Minecraft!