[1.4.7] MiniCraftXP - Survival + economy | Friendly PvP | Minigames
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MiniCraftXP - A server like no other


Ever wanted a nice survival server?
Or do you think survival alone is not enough?
Maybe you're just a huge fan of minigames?
And, perhaps, even all three apply?

In that case, MiniCraftXP is for you.

We host not only survival with economy 24/7, but also games like PropHunt by Tomskied, Spleef and many more games!

The rules


1. Don't hack

2. Don't use any kind of flying/x-ray mod

3. Don't use bots/autoscripts

4. No player harassment

5. Asking staff for ranks/items will get you punished. (Punishment is random, lost items not refunded)

6. Griefing towns is not allowed. Griefing/stealing in the wilderness is allowed. Protect your stuff.

7. Abusing bugs/glitches is not allowed. Contact the staff!


The IP





We hope to welcome you on our server soon!