[1.6.2] FactionWars || PVP || Factions || MCMMO || MAGIC [NEW SERVER]
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What is FactionWars?


FactionWars is a new server which is still in development. We focus on the PvP aspect of minecraft and economy. We listen to the community and what they want. Make friends, form alliances, level up or go to war you can do all of these things on  FactionWars.


We are open to feedback from the community we will listen to any input from the players as we want the server to be yours and not just ours.


Server Information


Website(Under development)




>>> Server IP <<<





  • Respect all players and staff.
  • Griefing and raiding are allowed.
  • PvP is allowed, Just do not spawn camp new players.
  • You may enderpearl, lava/water glitch in to bases.
  • You may not use PvP hacks or mods that will give you an advantage (Reis minimap, Sprint fix, etc) are allowed.
  • Do not spam chat, advertise or abuse other players.

Staff Member

Owner: KrypticDot (MaGicZzzz in game)

GameMod: DrRehab

ChatMod: DDog201161(DDoG for short)


Server Specs


Canadian Based Dedicated Server

Intel Xeon E5-1620 4 Cores 8 Threads


Quad Intel S3500 Sata 3 SSD's

1GBPS Fiber uplink