[1.6.2] The Land of Leon! [Friendly][RP][Factions]
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IP: Landofleon.zapto.org


The Land of Leon is Finally Open!


The reign of the Ender Dragon has been raging on, but now, the generous sorcerer Leon has opened up his land for everyone to venture to! Create your new life in this land as one of the races (listed below) and enjoy your new life in Leon. Where factions and towns have recently been taking over the land and civilizations have started to form!


The Land of Leon is a factions/Light RP server, mostly being factions with the choice of race and eventual race development. Of course, RP fans, you will have the opportunity to create your own lore and be a character, but it is not necessary for players that do not appreciate this part of the game. We mainly focus on the faction side of the game, but every race has their pros and cons and they are quite equal. Each race has its own leaders, a Demi-God (a.k.a. Admin) and a Cleric (a.k.a. Moderator) position.


This server has been open to a small group of close friends for some time, but now we're ready to open up to the world! Feel free to join our close-knit family of friendly staff and fun players! Though it may seem that we're really small, when we all get together it's a blast! 


The Races:



Demi-God: PVM_Curtis (Owner)

Cleric: NominNoms


Demi-God: DesTheMiner (Co-Owner)

Cleric: Silver_Angels


Demi-God: AzeeraTheNinja (Head Admin)

Cleric: privatelildemon




Demi-God: yggdraxil

Cleric: ChuckTheBob123


Demi-God: Mangomissy

Cleric: InTheWind

Feline ($10 Donor Race)

Demi-God: tntturtle5

Cleric: Jakoboco

Undead ($10 Donor Race)

Cleric: ezpknick




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IP: Landofleon.zapto.org