-[1.7.2]- Survival Community Server! SoulSurvival
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Welcome to SoulSurvival!
This a new up and running server, but while we're new we have so much to offer!
This ranges from:

  • Protection Blocks to stop griefing
  • PvP toggle to let you decide if you want to or not
  • A server shop for you to buy any block
  • Donator Ranks with special command access
  • The ability to set up your very own shop
  • Communal area to use for crafting directly at spawn
  • Owners who you can contact directly with ease
  • Job system for you to earn in game money just by playing
  • With much more upon the horizon!
  • Chance to apply for moderator!
  • And soon a highstreet for a massive range of player made shops!

We're looking to grow and expand, and as the community grows much more will be implemented!

Updates already planned for the future:
A website with server forums, mob arenas, server games, and so much more!

But for this to happen, we need YOU!The server owners are myself (John) and my wonderful girlfriend Annmarie.We will be here for anything you need at any time.