1.7.8 NEED STAFF/DONATION PLEASE READ [Economy] [SkyBlock] [Survival] [Creative] [KitPVP] [CraftZ] [MineJobs] [DisguiseCraft]
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I have been working on my own server for a while now, but I seem to be having 2 problems. The first; I need staff members to help me as I have been doing everything on my own and I mostly do configuration so I need people to help build, plus others opinions would be nice as well. My second issue; the server would be damn near pointless if I didn't have people playing on it. I need builders, youtubers, anybody with friends who will join and help get the server out there so to speak. If you're interested, PLEASE add me on Skype. My Skype username is:



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Anybody who helps me out, if I think you can handle it, will be made Admin. ALL people who participate until my server is %100 ready for the public will be reward with special privileges, a custom "OG" title in-game and on the server website. Depending on how many people help, I may also give $5 out of my first few donations to the people who helped the most. Add me!