1.7.9) Survival Island RPG
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Welcome to Survival Island RPG we're a survival server with roleplay elements like quests, ranks, skills, etc.
Come on in and join with all the fun we have loads of plugins and popular ones like factions, McMMo, Skyblock, and also we have ones that most server don't use like aShops.
When you first join you will see a list of rules in signs, after that just leave the building and you will see a npc named Quest Tutorial start the quest to learn how to do quests.

We have lots of roleplay elements features such as shops so people can buy and sell stuff, Magic spells so you can cast spells, economy for all you money and stuff we also have banks so that you can store all your hard earned cash.
We also have custom mob drops so when you kill mobs there is a random chance you can get some diamons, iron , or anything really then you can sell your stuff to shops or other people.
If you're into survival, factions, skyblock and stuff then you also can come on in and join and griefing is allowed just as long as you don't grief admin made stuff, so come on in and team up with your friends and raid some other factions or make a sky island the possibilities is endless.

Also be sure to check out our website, on our website you can use web auctions to sell and buy in game stuff, you can look up play stats and see who is the best of the best, we have chat rooms, avatar chat, two games, forums + a whole lot more.
Now if you're wanting to become an admin do not ask to become one instead apply on the forums and become active and help people out then we might consider it, we have an admin application catagory for that kind of stuff but we usually start you off as a moderator.


  • Factions
  • Quester
  • Iconomy
  • Battle arena
  • aShops
  • Craftbook
  • McMMo
  • Skyblock
  • Vampire
  • lwc
  • Magic spells
  • Web Auctions+
  • Crackshot guns
  • + loads more

We also have guns you can get guns by going to the market and purchasing one and if you like our server you can donate and receive special rewards and please remember to vote for us every day for daily rewards.
Thank you for reading.

URL: http://survivalislandrpg.com/blog/

IP: survivalislandRPG.me