[24/7] WarriorCraft.ca - [Factions, PvP, Economy, 100 Slots]
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[ WARRIOR CRAFT - PvP, Factions, Economy ]

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Server Intro:

Warrior Craft is a  Faction Based PvP server where users can connect and establish a faction amongst their friends. Within these factions users can establish and create their own base. These bases can be attacked by other opposing players. If you are more of the friendly-type player -- you can choose to make allies and neutral alliances amongst the other factions on the server. However, if you choose to be a hostile faction, you can declare enemy factions and attack them on their land.

Our server has multiple staff members that are on throughout the day ready to help, answer player questions, and to moderate the server to ensure quality gameplay is maintained. Our staff are never-stopping in regards to gameplay balance, bug fixing, and anti-cheat/hacking gameplay. We want your game experience to be the best that a server can offer.

Our server is hosted on some of the highest quality servers on the market. Server lag will never be an issue! You will be able to play fluidly, without server disruption.

This server is consistently growing. We have a dedicated staff team that ensures all game-play is fair and fun to all. Take a minute and check us out!

Check us out today! We are a new server with about ~10-20 consistent players that really enjoy the server. You will too! Hop on with some buddies, create a faction, and start raiding or making friends!

Thanks for reading,

-WarriorCraft Management