2nd Lyfe [Modern-Roleplay] [Guns] [Drugs] [Cars] [Planes] [Plots] [Lifts] [Player-Owned Building] [Job-RolePlays] YOU DECIDE
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Site: http://2ndlyfe.enjin.com/home

Some of our Plugins:

We want to create a server where the players are in charge of everything, and where players actions can actually have a real effect on the economy and other players gameplay. Therefor, our cities, economy, police squads, criminal actions and much more, will be run by players.

Why walk when you can travel in style? Drive motorbikes, cars, trucks, choppers, airplanes and even ships!

We strive to have a player-driven economy which works in a realistic way! Basically we want to rule out as many "adminshops" (both buy/sell) so that we have a real demand on materials, and so unwanted materials won't be gathered (Just like real life!)
We also want to add an effect on the economy, depending on where you are buying/selling items (and to the point where players can buy materials at one store, load them in a truck and drive to the city where they can sell them for more.) Therefor we have adding teleport cooldowns and warmups.

You can pick an education that suits you! This will help players around you understand what it is you do and how they could employ you. We are still adding to our list of available educations.

You don't have to play it legally, that's your own choice! Criminals make money through trading illegal goods, such as firearms, ammunition & drugs. But criminals should watch out, because the city has cops!
There is a list of laws that are to be followed by players when within the city protection.
Cops are paid by their Government, their job is to jail criminals (by hitting them with a stick) or even, at times, shoot and kill criminals who are seen as too dangerous to get close to.