Accepting Applications for Fitzgerald SMP! [World reset] [Vanilla] [1.12] [Family Friendly]
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Hello! I am currently accepting applications for Fitzgerald. This is a Vanilla SMP server that in the past was only open to my friends, but I have decided to open it up to the public now. If you wish to apply, you must fill out a application that answers these questions. I will message you with the ip if you are accepted.

- Braydeo

1. How old are you?
2. Have you read the rules below and agree to be punished for breaking any of them?
3. Why do you wish to join Fitzgerald?
4. How well do you get along with others?
5. Tell me a little about yourself :)
6. What is your username

1. No griefing or raiding of any sort
2. No profanity of any kind (This includes inappropriate structures)
3. Do not build on or near another's property without their permission
4. No politics... period
5. No cheating (Hacked client's, xray texture packs etc.)
6. Do not abuse someone physically or verbally
7. Respect the Owner (If you have a complaint please /mail or /msg me)
8. Keep the world looking neat by cutting down the whole tree or filling in creeper holes you cause
9. If there are any bugs or problems, please let me know!
10. Enjoy yourself!