Aerithis Network Recruitment-A FPS, PVP, FACTIONS,SURVIVAL SERVER
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A unique Minecraft experience

Aerithis Network currently has 3 Servers in Development, and we are recruiting for all 3. As well as web staff and youtoubers.

Our goal is to bring unique Minecraft games to the table that redefine how we see the game. Gone are cheesy sign tutorials, sign shops, and squidward villagers. As well as many of the other features that most servers run, and feel lacking.

Our servers use CustomNPC's which allows us to create entirely custom mobs or NPC's that have Skyrim-like dialog, epic quest chains, vendors, hirelings, banking, and mail. With a combination of plugins and mods, we aim to bring a unique, smooth, and incredibly fun feeling to each of our servers.

Servers to last

Our servers are here to stay! They are owned and ran by adults, not kids. Adults who are serious about making this work. I have no intention of letting this fail like many Minecraft servers tend to. I will be paying for advertising, the servers are hosted on real server hosts and are up 24/7. We have a vision and would like to see it come to life!

Teamspeak, Skype, Website Chat, News, Forums, We Keep in Touch!

Communication is key to any successful project, and we do as much as we can to stay connected to our team. Always discussing new changes, progress, plans, and development options, we ike to make sure everyone is on the same page without confusion. We also keep our options open, if you have a new or better alternative to staying in touch, we encourage you to suggest it.

Entertainment over profit

We all know servers can be profitable but we also do not want to create Pay-To-Win servers, because that is ridiculous and technically a violation of the EULA. We try to only sell cosmetic items in our donation shops. However we have a "Jeweled Coin" System that players can obtain coins through voting, server/site activities, or donating. These coins can be spent on many different things, but even there we stray away from game-breaking sales.

Be apart of something bigger than you, or us

AerithisNetwork servers are projects built to be unique and entertaining, for the people by the people, so to say. We take suggestions very seriously, we understand that not everyone has the same ideas of fun, but we want to bring an incredibly entertaining experince for everyone. Each of our servers focuses on an entirely different genre and play-style.

Our Servers


Aerithis MMORPG is our flagship server, bringing tons of features to the table that you never see in other Minecraft MMO's. Hundreds of quests with in-depth quest logs, real NPC vendors, classes with hot-bar skills, hirelings and pets, mail, banking, player trading, epic loot, hundreds of custom weapons and custom blocks, a wide variety of cosmetic armors, a custom resource pack to give it a unique feel, and so much more. We will stop at nothing to create the most original and entertaining Minecraft MMO ever made.

Aerithis Apocalypse

Aerithis Apocalypse The Post-Apocalyptic Minecraft Server. With tons of things to do, including PVP, questing, crafting, gather materials, surviving, defending the planet against invading aliens, fighting off hordes of zombies, going to war with thine brother, and sneaking onto an alien spaceship just for kicks. You will find a unique and enjoyable experience... if you survive.

Aerithis Pixelmon

Aerithis Pixelmon is a unique Pixelmon server focusing on fun and Pixelmon battles. Team up with your friends or battle against them in this intense custom Pixelmon experience, with countless hours you will be sure to enjoy. With features like NPC teleporters, vendors, mail, trading, banking, and so much more! Aerithis Pixelmon is the Pixelmon server for you. Collect, train, and master your Pixelmon, then become a Gym Leader and show everyone what your training skills can do!

Custom to the Bone

Each of our servers includes a custom resource pack, its own modpack, and hundreds of custom blocks made by the Aerithis Team. I personally have spent countless hours texturing weapons, armor, and blocks, and still continue to do so.

Recruitment Positions

We are recruiting for a variety of positions for each of our servers.

Visit our Staff Application page here

Currently the following positions are available on the Aerithis Team.

- Builder
- Developer
- Web Admin
- Youtuber
- PR & Advertising Agent
- Website Moderator
- Support Staff

Don't hesitate, apply today. It literally cannot hurt :P

The Aerithis Team looks forward to meeting any new recruits :)