Aeternia, A New mcMMO Survival Server!
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What The Heck Are We About:

Simply put, simplicity. The idea behind this server is to provide its players with a (mostly) 100% vanilla/survival experience. PvP is disabled. Here, we encourage teamwork and new friendships, building, and working together to make this server something spectacular to log into. Our ambition is to utilize our 100 available slots to the fullest extent by welcoming committed, mature players aboard.

How New Is This Server:

Fresher than the Prince of Bel-Air. As of this posting, the server has only been around for about an hour. Long enough for me to build a crappy starting cabin with some beds and bread. So basically, right now if you join this server you're getting a tourist experience in old Soviet bloc Russia. Apologies. Make it better. Just do it. Make your dreams come true.

Who Runs This Circus:

A dude who works for a living and his fiancee. We just wanted to have people to play with, preferably personable sorts who don't go around acting like entitled troglodytes. If you're cool, we're cool. Cool? Cool. We'd be open to allowing new people to be moderators in time, after they've proven themselves reliable, dedicated, and friendly.

Why the Heck Should I Join?

You want new friends. You like playing Minecraft without everything just handed to you in a newbie start box. You punch trees for happiness, then you punch trees some more. Your happiness revolves around punching trees and maybe the occasional zombie. You want people to punch trees with, and then with the fruits of your tree-punching labors, you build something...radical. Maybe more than one something. Maybe even three?

What Features Can I Expect?

In time, a server website and Teamspeak. Maybe more, depending on what type of feedback I get. I have a very busy work schedule, and so I am looking to eventually make this a self-sustaining server with minimal micromanaging.

Shut Up and Let Me Play!

Just swing on by! I advise you to brush up on your understanding of MCMMO and Lockette, if you aren't already familiar with these mods.

Additional Relevant Info:

Server Name: Aeternia
Slots: 100 (for now)
RAM: 8 gigs dedicated
Mods Used: mcMMO, Lockette, TreeAssist (for now)