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Afterlifegaming has just expanded to Minecraft, and we're looking for mature players to our server & community!

Below is basically everything about our server!

Register to our forums @ www.afterlifegaming.net and make introduction there and we will grant you [Regular] rank immediately! (remember to add your Minecraft IGN to the intro)


PVE World

This world is for people who do not want to struggle fighting against other players!

Level up in different skills (mcMMO), earn money (iConomy) from jobs (mcJobs)!
Build your house, protect your land & your stuff, completely grief-free world!

You can use teleporting commands in this world!

Lockette is a plugin that allows you to lock your doors, chests, furnaces etc.
You can also give access to your friend(s) to use doors, chests, furnaces etc. in your home!


ProtectionStone is a plugin that allows you to protect your house & yard from outsiders! More info below!

[Regular] ranked players can place LAPIS BLOCK that will protect 30x30 area.
[Member] ranked players can place GOLD BLOCK that will protect 50x50 area .
[Donator] ranked players can place DIAMOND BLOCK that will protect 100x100 area.

You can configure your area!
For example, you can give your friend access to build/break & use doors etc. inside your area.
You can also configure it like outsiders can use doors, but can't open chests or build/break inside it!
Or maybe you want this; outsider X can use door Y but can't use door Z!

Each player can only place one protection block!



Few houses built in PVE so far!
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PVP World

This is for players who want to fight against other players!

- ALL Teleporting commands are disabled in this world.
(except FACTIONS related teleport commands like /f home)

NOTE: Factions plugin is not installed yet because Mcore plugin has not been updated to support newest Minecraft version!

- Lockette & ProtectionStone plugins are disabled in this world.


Here are all the commands & ranks we have:
NOTE: The server is VERY new and there might be changes made, but nothing game changing, promise!
/mcmmo help
/tpaccept (currently not working, fixing this asap)
/money pay

[Regular] Everything Newcomers have & additionally:
/ps add <player> | To allow <player> to have access to doors etc. in your area
/ps flag use allow | Allows everyone to have access to doors etc. in your area, UNLESS LOCKED WITH LOCKETTE!
/ps info

[Member] Everything Newcomers & Regulars have & additionally:
Currently everything same as [Regular], but the ProtectionStone protect area is 50x50 instead of 30x30

[Donator] Everything Newcomers, Regulars & Members have & additionally;
Private warps:

We also have Volunteer Moderator, Moderator, Admin & SuperAdmin ranks Posted Image

[Donator] ranked players
- Can set & use private warps! * Not available in PVP
- Have 2x mcMMO XP
- Have all mcMMO abilities!
Gigadrill breaker = Faster digging [RMB to active when shovel in hand] Has cooldown
Skullsplitter = More damage dealt with axes [RMB to activate when axe in hand] Has cooldown
Superbreaker = Faster mining [RMB to activate when pickaxe in hand] Has cooldown
Serratedstrikes = More damage dealt with swords [RMB to activate when sword in hand] Has cooldown
- ProtectionStone area protection is 100x100 * Not available in PVP

Feel free to check our community website: www.afterlifegaming.net
Feel free to suggest new things!
I will reply to your questions! Posted Image


   ~ Afterlifegaming