Apocalypsed-Craft [FACTIONS PVP MCMMO] 24/7
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Hello and welcome to ShadowRaze! We are aiming to create a friendly and fun server for everyone to enjoy. We have big plans for it and we want you all to be part of it.
Our server is a regular survival server, as such mobs are enabled to fight and deal with, and all players will forage and collect their own materials. You are free to set up factions with your friends if you wish, or settle out on the landscape on your own faction land!

As for how our server enhances your survival experience, we utilize WorldGuard to protect
homes and projects.Plugins:Factions,PvPTop,Mcmmo[not combat skills],essentials and many more!

IP: minehost14.host-unlimited.de:26710

No hacks of any sort. We have two exceptions though; Mini-Map mod and Optifine.
No spamming or advertising.
Use Common Sense: This rule has a lot of 'Sub-Rules' and they will be listed here. We're not stupid. We know you are not in Creative or from Planet Minecraft to review the server. We don't give any free items out or provide any players with an unfair advantadge. No, You can not have any free ranks or be OP. Also you can't be staff unless you've been a dedicated player and has applied. Also don't fake a donation.
Respect Others. Treat others how you would like to be treated; Nobody wants to be treated poorly here.

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