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Hello World of Minecraft forum community!

We are the ArcadiaMC Team. We are currently seeking Moderators and Helpers for our new Minecraft server, which we have planned to open mid-August 2016. We are starting to hire staff members now, as we will be conducting a closed beta to the network, before going into an open beta for all players.

Arcadia is a Minecraft server that has been in development for some time, and was due to open in Easter 2016. However, due to recent updates, reduced time and issues with the network, we delayed it until summer 2016.

We are currently in the process of releasing Arcadia 1.0! Which is the first stage of development that will be released after the closed beta. This includes basic network game modes such as Creative, Survival, SkyBlock, Factions and Parkour.

After Arcadia 1.0 is released, we will continue to work on new perks, patches and fixes (if needed). If the server proves to become popular in the upcoming months, we will begin development of Arcadia 2.0! Which will add more games to the network. Financially, we are stable with running the server as they are (with the addition of Arcadia 2.0), however donations are always appreciated and rewarded!

We will not go into depth regarding Arcadia 2.0 just yet, as it is not 100% confirmed.

Now… back to the applications! To become a part of the team, you can apply for a Moderator position at Arcadia, by using the link provided below:

The application process uses Google Forms, and the application will require you to fill out some personal details (e.g. Name, Birthday and your email address). We only retain this information for purposes ONLY for ArcadiaMC.
If you would like to contact our team, please use one of the following email address:

(Please allow up to 72 hours for a response)

Best of luck!

-Ethan – Staff & Server Manager
-Jonathan – Server Owner & Founder
-Nate – Server Owner