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I’m Jonathan, the Owner and Founder of ArcadiaMC. I am posting here to talk about our new server, ArcadiaMC, that has recently opened.

So, what is ArcadiaMC? As you have most likely already guessed, ArcadiaMC is a Minecraft server which hopes to serve many gamemodes to many players. We have only just opened, so please expect a low player count. ArcadiaMC has been in development for a long time, and we strive to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone. The network's development is not over, even when it’s open to the public. This is because we are working on the server stage by stage. The first stage of development was Arcadia 1.0, which has just been released (this should now be bug free). This includes gamemodes such as Creative, Survival, Sky Block, Factions and Parkour. We plan on also adding more in the future.

The next stage of development would be Arcadia 2.0, which is where we plan on releasing gametypes. These gametypes may include popular games such as Survival Games, Block Hunt (or Hide and Seek), in addition to our very own. When using commands on the server, you may notice that a lot of our plugins are custom made. Although we do create our own, you may notice that we also use common plugins, such as PlotSquared (in creative) and the official Factions plugins, as we feel they are more appropriate based on player’s reviews and polls.

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Twitter: @ArcadiaMCs
Facebook: ArcadiaMCs