AristroCraft [SMP]{Griefprevention}{economy}{Towny}{1.7.4}
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**Server name**: AristroCraft
**Server Locale**: USA
**Website**: none
**Server Address/IP**:
**Version**: 1.7.4
**Game Play Type**: [SMP]{Griefprevention}{economy}{Towny}{1.7.4}
**Description**: Aristrocraft is a survival server, players are encouraged to join or start thier own town and open a buisness or service which they can charge for (petstore plugin help with selling friendly mobs). Transportation is by train (traincarts plugin) and with each level up you aquire more /home's. Other than that this is a normal survival sever with an economy and banking system.
**Rules**: No vulgar language in global chat, join /ch adult, no griefing, no RDM (randomly killing people), no advirtising, no using a modded client, no setting /home in another persons claim.
**Noteable Plugins**:[Essentials][Traincarts][Petstore][Griefprevention][GoldisMoney][Citizens][BlockBank]
**Administration**: Phonxace(Owner), jdetrimental