Artist look here! (WOM idea.)
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0 votes many of us are poetic? I know i am...and i know there are millions of players out there who are. Not only poetic ofcourse...but artistic!

That is my offer WOM.
Make a server, webpage, or something....just for the artistic minds of minecraft. It could be could post poems, paragraphs, and have contest for the best ones. have a hall of fame for artist of minecraft!
   I believe this is a great idea. Im sure lots of others do too.
We all love minecraft...and lots of people are artist. Lets have a webpage just for artist of miencraft. Art, Minecraft Art, Poems, Minecraft poems, and maybe...videos, and minecraft videos! Freaking paragraphs! And intime, servers that are deticated for the artist of minecraft users. Here is even a name for the site. (But im sure there are better ideas for a name)
  So please consider this wom. For the sake of all the artist, who want to show off thier arts they have made, and whom love minecraft. Make a website for them.

If you are interested in this idea, post a reply, try to convince wom that there are enough players for the idea to be considered! Im talking to you artist!

The name? Jaider01...
Im for the art of minecraft minds!

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