Bioshock: Minecraft edition?
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Ah yes, Bioshock the game I have spent countless hours on, the game of which I eagerly await the next installment, the game in which Minecraft will soon collide with. I plan to make this and will gladly accept any help granted only serious people please. It would help if you have played the game but if not please be ready to take instructions. 

Some of you might think what a stupid idiot he thinks he can go all the way down that deep that will take ages HA HA.
I have two solutions to the time frame issue:
1) Use a portal to make "fake" underwater.
2) Create a massive hole and add water later.
Any other ideas? open to suggestion. I've made the surface entrance to Rapture already buy I'm not happy with it. I might redo that... anyway here's what I have so far.
(P.S. Just reply with motives if you want to help in some way)

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