Blacklight Roleplay - An immerse and exciting experience.
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BLACKLIGHT ROLEPLAY (Just turned 1.6 w/ a new map!)


What Is It?


Well, Blacklight RP is a newly Re-formed server with a unique and unforgettable experience guaranteed to keep you coming. Using specific and unique plugins we offer you a fun server for you and your friends.


How Do I Join?


Joining us is simple. Head to and make your way to the forums. Scroll down until you see "character sheet". Using the template you can post all the details about your character, their appearance, strengths and weaknesses and also a backstory. Once you've finished, copy the link to your character sheet and head back to the forums. This time, click on applications and follow the template. During the application you'll be asked to link back to your character sheet.


What Makes This Server So Different?


First of all, the server uses the forum more then most RP servers and staff are always thinking of ways to make the roleplaying more exciting and tense. We also use towny, so you can create towns and even nations with your friends and colleagues you've met on your Roleplaying Journey.