Blitzsplief orginated as Blitzspleef on the server WoM: Cal's Realm [antigrief]. It was created roughly mid October by Daedal, TheBabyEater and Aurailen. It is a a mixture of the word Blitzkrieg, (which is German for lightning warfare,) and Spleef. It was named so for the fast pace tactics that are involved in winning.


There is lava at the bottom and falling lava from the top. One must survive by not touching any fluids.
Rules are somewhat like Spleef: No hacks, don't teleport and building only allowed if the arena conductor allows it.


The best way to win Blitzsplief is to stay in the middle. If you camp too long, you risk death by falling lava. If you go down to far, you will probably fall into the floor lava.