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Welcome to Bossrealms! The main object of this server is simply to survive and thrive.
Notable Plugins: Towny, ChestShop, McMMO, iConomy, PvPArena

Land Protection
It is still recommended that you protect your land. If your house/chests are unprotected, they are fair game. To protect your stuff, use Towny. To get started with that, type /towny for a basic list of commands. Need more help? Check out The Guide on our website.

Getting Money
You can get money in a couple ways. The first, and most simple way, is to just kill monsters. You'll get around 4-7 coins for each monster killed. The second way is to sell your stuff. Build a shop (in your protected area!) and put a sign above each of those chests:
- (Item Amount)
- B (Buy price)
- (Item Name)
Put :S (Sell price) after the B (Buy price) so players can sell items to you.
Want players to be able to teleport to your shop? Just type /setshop at your shop. To get to your or another player's shop, just type /shop .

As you play, you will be ranked up, and be able to do more commands with each promotion. Rank list:

  • Default (Wood)
  • Stone
  • Coal
  • Iron
  • Lapis
  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Obsidian
  • $ VIP
  • $ VIP+
  • $ MVP

The $ means that it is a donor rank.

This server has McMMO! Don't know what that is? Keep reading. To put it simply, it's a leveling system. Every time you do something (farming, killing mobs, mining, fishing, collecting wood, etc.), it gives you XP (not the vanilla minecraft XP). When you reach a certain number of XP, you level up. The higher your level, the greater chance of you getting double drops on most any item. You may have noticed at some point (if you have use McMMO before), when you right click with a sword, tool, or your fist, if says "** You raise your ___ **". This is the ability on each item. When you right click with a sword, tool, or your fist, you then left click, and it activates an ability. These abilities include Serrated Strikes, Berserker, and Green Thumb (these aren't all of them).

PvP Arenas
Want to PvP but not lose your stuff? The PvP Arenas are for you! There are multiple PvP arenas available to everyone! They are small enough so matches will be quick, so don't worry about to few players in the arena. To access the PvP Arenas world, go through the redstoneportal at spawn.

These things didn't quite fit into the other categories, so they are being put here.

  • Throw eggs at a mob to "capture" it and get the spawn egg
  • There is a 35% chance that a mob that spawns around you will be a "mini boss" (more health, abilities, good loot)
  • Use a silk touch pickaxe when mining spawners to get them.
  • Smelt rotten flesh, old armor, and old tools down in a furnace and get leather, iron, gold, diamonds, or charcoal (depending on item and durability)
  • When you reach Lapis rank, you can bottle your XP. Do /bottle