A brand new survival server! 1.7.2
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Hi everyone!

I've just set up a brand new survival server, we are looking for people to come and join in! I'm in the process of building various cities around the world that people can use to trade things and play various minigames.

It is a bukkit server, we have a few mods:
* Vault
* Sign Chest Shop
* Essentials
* Precious Stones - (Used for protecting land, buy from shops in the cities)

I wanted to keep it quite basic, It's great for survival. I'm also using worldguard to create the different cities and protect them. We are planning on making plots soon in the cities that people can rent out.

Give it a try, we have a trailer for the server here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXMVP95OPYw


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