Brofessional Gamers [Vanilla][SMP]{Whitelist}{CommunityBuild}{16+}
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The Brofessional Gamers Vanilla SMP is a server running on the latest stable version of Minecraft.

The host location is Amsterdam and it is hosted by Cubedhost.


If you've ever heard of Mindcrack or Hermitcraft then you pretty much understand the whole concept of the server.

Our role is to bring the best of us into minecraft by establishing our bases next to each other ,helping each other and having fun together as a community.

Our goal is to become professional minecrafters ,and by that we mean no "Gonna build a hotel and put rent" or "I wanna get all animals and build a petstore", understanding the game mechanics and exploiting in farms and such is the path to becoming a professional minecrafter.

You don't have to be a pro to play on the server but you have to try to get better everyday.

Brofessional Gamer Requirements (Some requirements are strict and some can help with your application)

Must :

•Be at least 16 years old

•Be able to speak English fluently (by that I don't mean you must be a master of the language just not level=me best spik ingles)

•Have a Skype account and be able to voice chat

•Be fairly active

Requirements that can help with your application :

•Being a Bro ✌ (attitude wise not gender wise)

•Being a gamer and a passionate minecrafter

•Being able to stream or do youtube videos while playing on the server(if you want to start a series this is the time)

Server Rules:

•No hacked clients, xray texture packs etc.(if you suspect a player you can tell us and we will investigate him)

•No Abusing of any bugs or glitches ;ie duplicate glitch (reporting a bug or glitch is highly appreciated)

•No taking items from any chest that isn't yours(you can still borrow stuff with a player's approval or by leaving a sign otherwise don't do it)

•If you break another player's Anvil be sure to replace it

•The Ender Dragon is a server event so if he's killed or invaded outside this event the participants will immediately be suspended.

•All the farms you build are public unless they have a sign that says otherwise(ie "need [material] plz don't take any,ty")

•Limit your entities to 200~300 per chunk so it doesn't lag the server

•Don't leave any useless redstone clocks running for the same above reason(if it's useful it's allowed of course)

•Try to repair any damage you cause to another player's builds (if you can't leave a sign but don't be lazy)

•Be a Bro ✌ (repeating myself here)

•Avoid discussions about religions and personal stuff as it can get ugly really quick

•Don't accuse other players of anything publicly before contacting us

•If you have to be inactive for more than 3 days let us know

•If you want to prank someone be creative don't be an ass(no tnt,killing,filling water/lava pranks)

To apply go to

Hope to meet you and happy gaming ✌