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                                                              What is a Builder?
A Builder is a user with elevated privileges that include access to the following options:
* Creative mode: access to fly around and infinite block use, to build to your heart's content
* Commands and Permissions: you will receive special benefits that only OP's have
* Aesthetic prefix: you get your very own modified and colored Builder title
A builder is expected to use these functions to help build beautiful structures to draw in more players. The goal is to create anything your supervisors ask, and add a little touch of your own, unless it's a strict build. No complaining when we ask you to build something and no abusing the powers or else you get a warning, then if it's recurring than you win an IP-ban. YAY!
The average builder's day includes building as much of the given project as possible within the time frame given, then double-checking their work to meet the standards and saving the schematic in case something happens to it. (We'll teach you how to do this) When finished, you need to protect the territory and make sure no mobs spawn in the area and nobody can break anything inside or outside the building. It is not necessary but advised to make notes of any changes you want to do to the building for later use if you think you might forget or there is a lot going on. Builders also spend time in our private channels interacting and asking constructive questions with their supervisors. (Admins, Mods, Co-Owners and Owners)
Chronicle Craft's structural ranking system (summary)
* Owner [Cryptkeeper101]
The highest rank, OP status, only one position:  responsible for everything and overviews the server. If he's not impressed, you'd better review your work and change it to meet standards, but try to go over the top to impress him and you might get promoted.
* Co-Owner [Mr.Beastboy25] [Koldsaur]
Second rank down, OP status,  2 positions: responsible for making sure the server is running the way it's supposed to and fixes any technical problems, also expected to know how to set permissions and know all the commands to get the best out of every situation.
* Head-Admin [stringsNwood]
One position: all the privileges of an admin with the added responsibility of making sure the admins and under do their job properly and aren't breaking any of the rules. Head-Admin promotes Users up to Admin rank and reports to the Owner (or Co-Owner is Owner isn't available)
* Admin []
1-4 positions: administers the server with limited  access. Admins' duties and privileges: can fly, give items, kick/ban players, help newcomers, promote users up to Mod status, claim/protect territory for regular players, correct anything incorrect, find cheaters/hackers/greifers and deal with them accordingly, and expected at least one online at all time. Reports directly to the Head-Admin.
*Mod []
1-5 positions: moderates the server to keep control of the users and their actions. Finds any glitches with plugins or the server in general. Very limited access. Mods can fly, kick players, and promote Newcomers to User status with a few other privileges, but are expected to not abuse the power and be responsible and mature.
*Builder []
1-3 positions: the position you're applying for
Players that we deem trusted are normal users that are recognized and well known to most players. The Trusted get a nice prefix and the ability to use all blocks/items. Has to be active in the server for at least 2 weeks.
Basic user that can use all blocks/items except TNT and lava buckets. Has to be active in the server for at least 1 week. Gets to lose the Newcomer status. No prefix
Fresh into the server with Newcomer status. Disallowed to use water buckets, lava buckets, and TNT. Receives starter kit.
We only recruit publicly for the Builder and Mod position. If the application is approved, you will be introduced to an Admin or the Head-Admin, who will provide the support you need to become the best Builder possible.
What do we look for in a potential Builder?
A user that is mature, and can not only build, but contribute positively to the community and has an interest in positively influencing the server. We do not have any restrictions on age,  race, sex, or any other personal attributes, however, we prefer at least 16 years old due to the fact that they are most likely more mature and are a little more creative with their building style.  A Builder that is capable of being fair and providing positive value to Chronicle Craft is a prime candidate.
What do we expect from a Builder?
There are few time required commitments for a Builder, but we expect anyone applying to be able to spend at least 1 hour per day on the server if it's not an urgent build, but this is not a strictly enforced requirement, more of a guideline. If you can spend at least an average of 5 hours per week on the server, then that will suffice.
Will my application be accepted?
We're looking for members that are mature and sensible, members that plan to make positive contributions to the server. People that meet these requirements will be considered. We cannot just make any random players into Builders because we have had some griefing issues and power abusing in the past, so we're very picky and cautious with our decisions.
Do Builders get paid?
Nope! It's a volunteer position. Although, if we see you're a hard worker and you did a swell job, then we will give you some well-deserved donation money.
"I have more questions!"
Post any questions here and we'll answer them for you.
Sign me up!
To submit an application, just copy and paste the format below, fill it out, and send it to ChronicleCraft@yahoo.com 
If you have previous building experience, take a screenshot of your best work and attach it to the email. If you have any questions about this, contact us and let us know.
You need to follow the standard application format to be considered, any apps that don't will be rejected. The format is as follows:
Why do you want to be a Builder?
- Answer
How many hours per week do you think you can dedicate to building on the server?
- Answer
What experience with building do you have?
- Answer
What is your age?
- Answer
Where did you receive this application from?
-  Answer
Optional questions that you don't need to answer, but doing would help:
What is your location?
- Answer
Do you go to school or have a full time job or both?
- Answer