Carnage Raids
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--=Carnage Raids=--
CarnageRaids is a Faction PvP server looking for players to fill empty slots and have a laugh with, we're up 24/7 with 99.8% uptime, the 0.2% being server reloads going wrong.
What does Carnage Raids give you?
CarnageRaids has many awesome plugins, such as: Factions, McMMO, Jobs, Auctions, In-game ranks, Silk touch spawners, Sign Lift (Can use signs as lifts to go up and down floors) and more.
We have good staff, all have a sense of humor and know when to be strict
We have a creative mode, if you don't like survival we still have something to do, the plots are 50x50 so you won't run out of space anytime soon. 
Are economy is very stable, nothing is abusable and the shop is scaled to the money rate from jobs and selling materials, for example If you're a miner you get paid to mine and you also can sell the materials for extra money but just doing the Job miner and selling nothing doesn't yield you enough for it to be worth it, and if you x-ray it's easy to tell as console and a few plugins record your play time and what you sell, so if I xrayed 500 Diamonds and sold them we could tell by: Baltop, Console, NCP, CoreProtect and more. So in other words cheating requires a lot of effort, and you'll be noticed and banned without warning if you're caught x-raying.
How do I know your server isn't pay to win?
When you donate to our server you help us out, a lot. So we want to give you something in return, however what we give you doesn't help you in anyway when it comes to PvP some ranks get fly or feed but none of it's useful in combat and is automatically disabled. 
The most important thing to see when looking through what you can donate for is that all the things we sell do not actually effect you in-game as they're still obtainable In-game for free, all buying them does is speed up the process by maybe 2-3 Hours, still worth buying however  if you have spare time easy to obtain.
I hope this is good enough for you to realize it's not pay to win, we do need donations to keep the server running like every other person, we just try to keep it reasonable unlike others