Casino [WIP]
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Hello everyone,

I am masonmario2/Masonian, and I am making a Casino. I don't have a name yet (I'm too lazy to think of one) but I have plenty of ideas and am in need of some materials.

I am partnering up with Mt. Whitecap and Graypeak just so that I can have it in an active area (In the town basically) but still need plenty of supplies and money.

I'm going to need some money, quartz, diorite, iron, redstone, and glowstone, and maybe some glass as well in order to make this build look nice, function nice, and be nice.

I am planning on possibly giving donators access to a small share of the rewards gotten from this casino. Possibly 10% of them.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you donate!

- Masonian