Clan Wars Server Release - $10 Paypal Giveaway - Need Youtubers
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Clan Wars
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Hey World of Minecraft! I own a factions server called Clan Wars. The release for Map I is 4/28/17 and to help get players we're looking for a couple of people to upload a trailer. We want to hire YouTubers with 1-5k subscribers to upload the trailer, so if you're interested just pm me your Skype and I'll be happy to add you and talk a little bit more about it. If you would rather record a series instead of uploading a trailer just message me and we can work something out. We're also going to be hosting a competition for the smaller YouTubers. The winner of the competition will receive $10 PayPal. To enter all you have to do is upload the trailer. The person that has the most views on the 28th will win. Only YouTubers that have 1,000 Subscribers and below will be counted in the competition.