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Damage Incorporated is a multi-gaming community founded in 2012. We offer an organizational structure second to none in the clan scene, including an established chain of command and a clearly defined structure. We use this organization along with our strong emphasis on communication to lay waste to even the toughest opponent. To facilitate our organization Damage Incorporated uses two main resources to communicate, our forums and our Teamspeak 3 server. The use of which ensures clear communication and activity. We take gaming quite seriously and put a strong focus on our community fabric as well. This is because if you trust the people you are playing with you are more likely to be successful in game with them.
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Weekly events including poker and live music
T-shirts and mugs
In depth initiation process to ensure only the committed can claim full membership
Currently Damage Incorporated has over 170 members and we have more flowing in by the minute, we are involved in games such as: Minecraft, Dota 2, Stronghold Kingdoms, Elder Scrolls Online, and several FPS games such as CoD and BF4. We don't stop there however, we are always looking to venture into new games and areas to expand our empire. At the moment we have a dedicated and pre-paid DireWolf20 Server with many friendly and helpfull members. This also includes a PVP and Mining world for your benefit. We also have several professional Dota 2 teams from different regions such as: Europe, United States, South East Asia.Two of these teams have already entered tournaments the others are following close behind. In SHK we have been dominating the map in multiple worlds such as Europe and USA1. We have plenty of experienced players that are more than willing to help you with your village and send goods should you need them. Also, as a member of Damage Incorporated, you will always be well defended.
Another wonderful part of Damage Incorporated is the fact that even if you aren't a gamer or you don't play any of the games DI is represented in, you can join as a community member to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere we have here and have some fun here as a part of the community. There is also many possibilities for you to get into an officer position should you be interested, we have positions ranging from marketing to team leadership.
Complete our in-depth Initiation Process
Maintain a high level of activity on Forums and Teamspeak
Be respectful and polite to all other members
Be prepared to have a good time
If you wish to join Damage Incorporated, feel free introduce yourself and apply to become an initiate, the link to the forums is below:
How to join:
Read the topic on the forums linked below