Confined [PvP][Unique Gamemode][24/7]
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Confined Survival 350x350

In a confined space, who will survive?

This server is public! No signing up required! The IP is

The idea is simple. Never leave the walls. There will be many players in this small enclosed space and you all must survive however that may be, be it peace or war.

Me and a group of friends have created a server with an interesting mechanic. It is a regular survival server but you must survive in a 350x350 area encased by bedrock walls. You can never leave the walls. Leaving the walls will have you instantly killed by the forcefield. The nether is infinite and so is the end.

It is a 1.8.7 spigot server hosted on a dedicated host in the U.S.A. Play is mostly vanilla with a few enhancement plugins scattered around.
The plugins include:
Treeassist (When you chop a tree the whole tree is destroyed)
Essentials (Tpa, sethome, etc)
Phatloots (Mobs have more useful rare drops)
A few behind the scenes plugins.

Players will have permission to create and manage factions, TPA, set a single /home and /msg.

The rules are as follows:

1. Do not leave the border
2. Do not use hacks/mods excluding optifine. Hacking = instaban.
3. Do not spam/advertise
4. Racism, sexism and discrimination will result in a ban
5. Survive.