~Conspiracy Craft~ [Dedicated] [FactionsPvP] [CustomPlugins]
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Conspiracy Craft is one of those servers you don't find very often. We have a player base filled with great people who will make you laugh any day of the week, but really, what makes you want to play on a server? When you get that feeling, that good feeling, and you can't get enough of it. Well on this server, you will have that feeling :). We have custom minigames such as Kit Grief & Snowball War to play with your friends, or you can just relax and build a faction base until the sun sets with Herobrine watching in the distance. When you first arrive at the server you will be given a kit with iron armor, food, and a sword, to help you get passed any trolls who may stand in your way. You will also have the [Guest] Rank. Use /Ar Check to rank up to Member after you have met the requirements or it will do it for you automatically after some time has passed. All while having fun and just doing what we all like so much, playing Minecraft after a long hard day of work/school. Hope to see you there! Cheers :D

ip: conspiracycraft.us 
•Dedicated 24/7 Hub Server
•50 Slots
•32Gb DDR3 Ram
•Friendly Community
•Starter Kits
•Kit-Grief (Minigame)
•Donor Ranks

- Jamm