CoolBearCraft [Creative] [SMP] {Towny} {SilkSpawners} {Vote Crates} {Recent Reset} {Minigames} {mcMMO} {No Griefing}
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Connect to our server with and become the coolest of bears.

CoolBearCraft is a clean fast Minecraft 1.9.4 Towny server with an awesome community. We've been around for 2 and a half years and plan to keep going strong! Our server just went through a FULL RESET so we are looking to add a few new players. If you've never played Towny Minecraft before, you're in for a great experience. 

  • Server Name: CoolBearCraft (CBCraft)
  • Server Hosted: United States
  • Website:
  • Server IP:
  • Versions: 1.9.4
  • Game Play: SMP, Creative and Towny - No Griefing, cursing or harrassing players.
Why play on CoolBearCraft?

You just won't find a better place to play. We are not a mega-server, we're a small community where you'll usually find no more than 15-25 players online at a time. And, we just went through through the process of a FULL RESET (first time in 2.5 years) so there is a fresh new map to build on with a brand new economy, mcMMO and plenty of twists to keep things challenging.

All 12 ranks can be unlocked just by playing!

Players join the server at the [Cub] rank and can unlock their first rank upgrade to [Bear] just by joining the website. Unlocking other ranks is as simple as playing on the server and having fun. If you make it all the way to "CoolBear", you'll be rewarded with Creative! Best of all, there is no griefing on CoolBearCraft so you always know your builds will be safe. We also don't allow cursing or picking on players. It is easy to find servers where loudmouths show off by cursing and harassing players. This isn't one of them. Our staff monitors chat and behavior to make sure everyone is having fun, not stirring up trouble.

CoolBearCraft offers:
  • 12 FREE Ranks
  • Plenty of Cool Plugins
  • Multiple Minigames (like Potato, Spleef and Thunderdome PVP)
  • Separate Worlds for Building and Gathering
  • Daily Bonuses with CrateKeys and VoteParties just for playing and staying active!
  • A Well-Balanced Economy

As for plugins: CoolBearCraft has Towny, mcMMO, Silk Spawners, Auction House, Vote Crates, Marriage, HeadDrops, Chairs, iDisguise, Citizens, Trails, Ultra Cosmetics, Potatoes and many other plugins which have custom configurations to give you the best player experience we can!

Fantastic, Friendly Staff!

Our staff works hard to keep things fun and fair. They are always around to help new players get started and become a part of the CoolBearCraft Experience. Add to your server list to get started today! Join and rank up for free by registering on our website at