Crafty Castaways a Scottish owned server, needs more members!
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Been around two months, we have a huge map for building! Looking for friendly members.

We are setting up slowly a means to create PvP using NPC pets, flying mounts and a growing working list
of about 190 spells. Hire a bodyguard who will attack mobs or even players on sight.(By default all pvp is off)
Crypts and dungeons with loot including learning new spells like invisibility, water breathing, telekinesis,
vampyrism, levitation, many damage skills, remote building and profession based talents, about 30
disguises, It's all sorted and working. We hope to be running player built dungeons with new different skin mobs
using challenging AI over minecraft's normal boring drones. Climb up vertical walls on a spider
mount while shooting at mobs below with a bow. Horses are a joke once you go places on a spider.
Jobs.. they give prof xp lvl xp and money. We have public grinders & farms that automatically replant.
This is a survival server, please do not ask for items, many are provided free for you at areas around the
server sites. Visit them if advised.

SURVIVAL We have quite a savage map for you. The all worlds are on hard mode+10to20%. The
mobs have been set to spawn about 10%to20%more often than normal and the animals about 30% less. The
result is quite a challenge and crazy at night. We issue you with kit any many protection fields and some lovely gear
to help you get out there and stake a personal claim on our new server. There is a focus on survival and xp grinding
here. Miners will adore our world's cave networks & huge mineshafts. The seed used for the world is crazy
good. We have biome portals up. We do not hammer the survival experience with paranoid server settings preventing alot of what is just normal mincraft. TNT, buckets, portals. Go ahead and get some.

RANKS can be gained by in game money or manually by a staff member for helping or demonstrating good build skills / commitment.
Each rank offers higher permissions also makes spells cost less or nothing and have lower to no cooldowns. /sell all /sell hand /worth

STAFF positions are offered to those that do not ask for it. So far several members have been given access to moderator level commands like log lookups, inspects, rollback, banning and many more. If you ask or even hint at being staff you
will not likely ever be offered the position.

Get some!

Currently 90 slot 4.1GB EU hosted.
There are no memory issues with
all the below plugins.
Console is happy
Seed 2138374464889032671
GIANT CAVES generation on new chunks.
Minecraft server version 1.7.9
CraftBukkit Beta Dev 1.7.9-R0.1 (Build #3092)

PLUGINS (No client side packs/installers/launchers required.)
Vault v1231-b411,
ChestShop v378,
Essentials v2131,
EssentialsAntiBuild v2131,
EssentialsChat v2131,
EssentialsSpawn v2131,
EssentialsProtect v2131,
SilkSpawners v34,
Jobs v2114,
Citizens 2.0
WorldEdit v562,
WorldGuard v59,
Core Protect 2.0.9
Multiverse-Core v2.4
Multiverse Portals
PreciousStones v966,
LWC v440,
GroupManager v20
GAListener v131,
Votifier v19,
Magic Spells + MS Shop.
Sign Logger
Backpack b148
Holograhpic Displays
Nether Tools

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