Crossed Swords | The real Roleplay | Looking for staff! [Builders] [Lore writer(s)] [Artists] [Youtube]
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Welcome to Crossed-Swords

A server fully focused on creating a great medieval fantasy role-play environment.
We achieve this by having clear rules, a white-list, constant GM (Game Master) over-watch and great game-play features which consist of these main components:

Players influence the server.

The world of Crossed-Swords consists out of 3 nations, each of them player-controlled. Each nation makes its own decisions, starts their own wars and tries to capture and hold the Eternal Ground.
Not only will players make important decisions for their nation/village/town, every white-listed player will also be invited to join the community meeting which takes place every 2 weeks. During this meeting the staff and community will decide on upcoming updates, which rules should be added/edited and a lot more!

Represent one of the three big nations in the battle for the Eternal Grounds.

The world consists of 3 nations, each controlling their own ground. They have been at war for hundreds of years, trying to take control of the Eternal Grounds.
The Eternal Grounds is a relatively small district between the 3 nations, but has a lot of resources and bonuses for the nation that has conquered and won the district. Every Friday night will be a bloody battleground, where the winning nation shall control the Eternal Grounds for a week - until next Friday night. They have a week to build up defences, and come with a new strategy to hold the land.

Create your village, grow it into a town and become an important asset of your nation.

Every player will be able to raise a village if they have the money. Once you have raised a village you officially become the mayor of it.  Accepting residents, and expanding your territory will cause it to eventually grow into a town, or even a kingdom.
Again, the entire town system is player controlled, giving the community the power to influence the server to their liking.

[center]Fight in dungeons with 4 other party members against big waves of enemies, bosses and traps.

Players will be able to create parties to organise dungeon runs. Dungeons consist of waves of uniquely buffed mobs and strong bosses. Completing a dungeon is not an easy task, but very rewarding. It requires knowledge about your weapon, armour, skills and health and not to forget, teamwork!

"A server played and made by the community"

We believe that a server which is based on community decisions is better than the average "one guy decides" server. This is why we will have a community meeting every 2 weeks on teamspeak where we will discuss things that will improve the server and playerbase. Everyone is welcome at this meeting, and everyone has the right to say whatever they want! Minecraft democracy at its finest.

We hope to have informed all of you properly about what our plans are, and hope that you'll help the server achieve this!


We are currently working as hard as we can on the server, but we still need more help. We need YOUR help!
We are in need of:
-    Builders
-    Terraformers
-    Lore Writers
-    Graphical Artists (Preferably Illustrators)
-    Public Relations Practitioners (Youtube videos)
-    Plugin Developers

Following this thread, there will be a form you can fill out and comment on this thread in order to apply.

Application form

Give us a explanation of what roleplaying is, in your own words

Have you read our rules, and accepted them? (

What position would you like to apply for? (You can choose multiple positions)

How old are you? (Minimum age is 15 years, we do make acceptions for impressive applications.)

Have your worked on any Minecraft server projects before?

Why do you want to be part of our team?

How well do you speak English? (Bad, Average, Good, Fluent)

Do you have Teamspeak 3 and a decent microphone? (Needed

Example of your work (This is needed as it allows us to assess the level of your work)