Crusade Network | 24/7 | Survival | Towny | Autoranks
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General Information:

- 24/7
- Server saved every hour
- Website 24/7

Normal ranks:

We currently have an autorank system, use /ar check.
- L1
- L2 - Ability to set a new home.
- L3
- L4 - Ability to mine spawners with silk touch pickaxe.
- L5
- L6
- More coming soon. Nobody has reached past Lvl 5

Donator ( ):

- VIP $5
- Premium $15
- Sponsor $25
- Supreme $50

Staff (application: )

- Moderator
- Admin
- Op (Operator)
- Staff Manager
- Owner

Crusade Network is currently a new survival server with the towny plugin installed.
We thrive to create the best community we can possibly have by making sure everybody
is happy and receiving all the help that you need. Our staff team will try their best
to help you with your needs. We currently have a server shop which is located at either
/warp shop or /warp market. Also voting is a key thing we love from our players so we
have created a vote for reward system which can be located at .
For a list of out server rules, please type the command in game: /rules.

- Towny
- Grief Preventions
- Mcmmo
- SilkSpawners (Ability to mine spawners with silk touch pickaxe)
- Chestshop
- Essentials
- PermissionsEX
- Automessage
- Coreprotect
- Silkspawner
- And many more!