CryptiKraft Minecraft Server
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Hey guys, this is a server that I started making about 2 weeks ago it's name is CryptiKraft. I just opened it to the public on June 16, 2014. So far not many people have joined, but thoses who have love it. We have a great staff that are nice, but sometimes like to have a little fun. We have two mini games so far, Spleeff and Team PvP. We also offer a Factions world and a Creative world were you can build nice plots. Right now it's still a work in progress, but everyting is up and running, but if you have any problems just leave them in the commets or on the forums website for our server We do plan to add survival games and other minigames in the future so stay tuned. We realy hope you will join us on this server, please and thank you.


If anyone has anyone has any problems then please tell by messaging me, commenting below or making a post on the servers website: 



New Features: 
We now have survival games on the server!!!! There are three arenas right now, two of them are normal arenas, but arena three adds a new challange, not only do you have survive against other people and bad luck, but now you have to stay alive agianst mobs, they will try to kill you!!! 
We also added two new big spleef arenas
We also just added portals!!!
The IP is