DadsLands Server Hub Everything except factions, anti-grief world healing full creative and we need staff
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I am in the process of setting up the server hub for the new multiple servers, we need builders moderators and players.


Features. Well so far all of them except factions, I hate fations, they broke so much on thier last updte it is hard to trust the again,


Personal area claims and anti grief, everyone has full control of thier area at all times, who is allowed in what what cehest are locked, wether mobs spawned and even if individual people can enter.

Full creative plot me world with Huge free build plots, and anothe free build ploe world with smaller plots.

The survival world has great resources and is full pvp.

Mini games up the wazoo. Really cool mini games. 


As stated I am creating a hub network and am in serious need of builders and moderators.

I don't mind if you post you app here but don't expect me to get to it soon. Please post all apps at the servers site.

server address is

live maps are at

Do not expect a rank right away, please it wont happen, I dont know you yet, you will have to do a build in the creative plot world before your considered for builder in the new server network.

Moderators will be choosen from player rank only so you also wont just jump on the server and say I wanna be a mod, cause it wont happen. The players and staff will have to get to know you and you will have to earn thier trust, then you will be rewarded opertunity, I am looking to have around 10 seperate servers running by the 11th of aug.

Just for refrence I don't give OP.  Please dont ask.

And last but not least I don't care to much one way or the orther about your credientials, If your a mod on a bunch of servers, good for you means nothing to me but you have to time to do a propper job. If you owned servers, then your a poor manager cause they are no longer running. What matters is what you do in game. thats all.