DarasisCraft Factions/PlayerEconomy/Questing
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Mystik Muzik
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Hello everyone,

I'm Mystik_Muzik, one of the two owners of DC.

We're somewhat new but been around awhile and gave our server plenty of prep time before launch. It has fully functional economy and factions.

Featured Plugins:

AreaShop (Soon to be replaced with ShopGUI and AuctionGUI)
ChestShop (Soon to be replaced with ShopGUI and AuctionGUI)
Quests (In Progress)

Soon we will add a player head and bounty plugin once we acquire the needed funds.

Dan (The other owner) and I built this server on an idea of promoting the players and making sure we have a well balanced server filled with things to do. Encouraging competitiveness but also expansion for all players to enjoy. We equipped our server with a well-balanced economy through trial and error and gradually sorted out the kinks with factions. Questing was an idea that we wanted to implement, nothing too major that it would affect factions adversely but give players something additional and unique to do.

Server IP: s14.hosthorde.com:25802

My Enjin Profile: http://darasiscraft.enjin.com/profile/6259095

Dan's Enjin Profile: http://darasiscraft.enjin.com/profile/4201771

One last note, we are looking for highly skilled builders, if you think you have what it takes feel free to message me on enjin and I'll tell you what you need to do to verify and become a builder for us!